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Memorial Expeditions Honoring Fallen Law Enforcement Officers
Cops on Top is a team of volunteers from the law enforcement and public service community, who undertake mountain climbing expeditions to honor the memories of those heroes who have lost their lives in the line of duty protecting others. We welcome you to our home.


2009 Summit for Heroes Roster

  Alabama Asst. Sup. Brian Casey Cheaha State Park  
  Cheaha Mountain  
  Arizona Officer David Smith Buckeye PD  
  Humphreys Peak Officer James Rayrioux Buckeye PD  
  Commander Dan Pringle (Ret) Buckeye PD  
  Officer Livi Kacic Chandler PD  
  Detective Brendan Busse Chandler PD  
  Detective Chris Perez Chandler PD  
  Officer Graham Tinius Chandler PD  
  Sgt. Dan Greene Chandler PD  
  Lindsey Slate Melanie's sister  
  Melanie Slate Chandler PD  
  Detective Mike Russo Chandler PD  
  Officer Todd Sullivan Gilbert PD  
  Sgt Stan Mondragon Gilbert PD  
  Jodi Mondragon Stan's wife  
  Bryce Mondragon Stan and Jodi's son  
  Breadon Mondragon Stan and Jodi's son  
  Sgt. Joe Kacic Gilbert PD  
  Officer Andy Bates Gilbert PD  
  Paramedic Roger Bounds Guardian   
  Officer Paul Hermans Peoria PD  
  Officer Ryan Hunt Mesa PD  
  Officer Stephen Mangum Phoenix AZ PD  
  Officer Frank O'Halloran Scottsdale PD  
  Lt Don Smith (Ret) Sioux City Fire  
  Officer Bob Gabrych Surprise PD  
  Dustin Gabrych Bob's son  
  Sgt. Scott Smith Tempe PD  
  Sgt. Eric Anspach DPS  
  Chief Jack Lane DPS  
  Officer Bob Nowlan DPS  
  Kathleen Adams DPS  
  Detective Doug Wheeler DPS  
  Lt John Philpot DPS  
  Scott Church DPS  
  Ann Harwood DPS  
  Officer Russ Dodge DPS  
  Officer Stephanie Allen DPS  
  Sgt. Frank Stewart DPS  
  Mary Jo Aleks DPS  
  Lt Wayde Webb DPS  
  Officer Matthew Engwis DPS  
  Officer Jarrod Lampsa DPS  
  Lt Steve Harrison DPS  
  Mount Magazine  
  California Sgt. Lance Haight San Fransico BART Police  
  Mount Whitney Officer Dan Hoover San Fransico BART Police  
  Officer Anthony Pirone San Fransico BART Police  
  Officer Mark Ormsby Hayward PD  
  Under Sheriff Dahl. A Cleek Tulare County Sheriff's Dept  
  Lieutenant Scott Logue Tulare County Sheriff's Dept  
  Sergeant Jon Brown Tulare County Sheriff's Dept  
  Deputy Randy Semic Tulare County Sheriff's Dept  
  Deputy Gracie Johnson Tulare County Sheriff's Dept  
  Deputy Chris Landin  Tulare County Sheriff's Dept  
  Colorado Detective Mareshah Hale  Colorado Springs PD  
  Mount Elbert Officer Gary Corollo  Colorado Springs PD  
  Officer Chris Cherry  Colorado Springs PD  
  Connecticut Sgt. Christene Mertes Hartford Police Department  
  Mount Frissel  
  Delaware Officer Mike Natale Rehoboth Beach PD  
  Ebright Azimuth  
  Florida Anna LaCour Crime Stoppers of Walton Co.  
  Britton Hill Sheriff Michael Adkinson, Jr Walton County S.O.  
  Deputy Harold Shover Honor Guard, WCSO  
  Reverend Tyrone Brodus  
  Airman 1st Class Zachary McClure 96th Sec. Forces, Sglin AFB  
  Senior Airman Robert Caples 96th Sec. Forces, Sglin AFB  
  15-man formation Honor Guard  
  Sharon Maierle Crime Stoppers of Walton Co.  
  Jackie Adkins Crime Stoppers of Walton Co.  
  Georgia Kimberly Verdone Woodstock Police Department  
  Brasstown Bald  
  Mauna Kea  
  Borah Peak   
  Illinois Deputy David Garard Ogle County Sheriffs Office  
  Charles Mound  
  Indiana Det. Sgt. Dennis Fishburn Indianapolis Metro Police  
  Hoosier Hill Mary Fishburn Dennis's wife  
  Officer Jason Fishburn Indianapolis Metro Police  
  Tonya Fishburn Jason's wife  
  Jennifer Fishburn Dennis and Mary's daughter  
  Iowa Chief Deputy Kevin Wollmuth Osceola County Sheriff  
  Hawkeye Point  
  Kansas Sgt Perry Speelman Denver CO Police Dept  
  Mount Sunflower  
  Kentucky Lt Brian Bennett Fayette County   
  Black Mountain  
  Louisiana Lt. Michael L. Jones Bienville Parish Sheriff's Office  
  Driskill Mountain  
  Maine Gerry Crispo Royal Canadian Mounted Police  
  Mount Katahdin Constable Brian Carmichael Fredericton Police Force  
  Constable Darryl Carter Fredericton Police Force  
  Constable Nancy Rideout Fredericton Police Force  
  Quartermaster Carson Hagerman Fredericton Police Force  
  Maryland Deputy Angela Muller St. Mary's County SO  
  Backbone Mt. John Delozier Angela's husband  
  Alaxander Muller Angela's son  
  Jim Hollis Angela's uncle  
  Sgt. Douglas White Washington County SO  
  Major Robert Leatherman   
  Bobby Leatherman Robert's son  
  Major Sam Bilotti  
  Sgt Paul Boyer  
  Deputy Casey Barnes  
  Trooper Josh Barnes  
  Deputy Annette Sprecher  
  Deputy Mike Palladino  
  Deputy Mark Albowitz  
  Deputy Joel Footen  
  Deputy Allan Matheny  
  Retired Cpl. Scott Matheny  
  Deputy Brian Burke  
  Deputy Bryan Teets  
  PCO Sarah Faith  
  Deputy Rick Kemmerer  
  Sgt Mark Price  
  Deputy Jason Willison  
  PCO Carmen Nason  
  Sgt Douglas White   
  Mason White Doug's son  
  Massachusetts Officer John Bassi Pittsfield Police Dept  
  Michigan Deputy Martain Mendell Allegan MI County SO  
  Mount Avron Connor Mendell Martin's son  
  Eda Mendell Martin's daughter  
  Minnesota Sgt Steve Clark White Bear Police Dept  
  Eagle Mountain  
  Mississippi Chief Joel Spellins Sherman Police Department  
  Woodall Mountain  
  Taum Sauk  
  Montana Captain Keith McPheeters Farmington NM Police Dept  
  Granite Peak Rocky Fails Farmington NM Police Dept (Ret)  
  Officer Stu Frink Washington State Patrol  
  Lane McPheeters Weber County UT SO SAR  
  Logan McPheeters Lane's son  
  Lieutenant Troy Bacon Frankfort IN Police Dept  
  Chief Ranger Rick Mossman National Park Service  
  Officer Chuck Porter Denver CO Police Department  
  Nebraska Chief Doug Provance Kimball Police Department  
  Panorama Point  
  Nevada Deputy Erik Wallitner Washoe County Sheriffs Office  
  Boundry Peak Officer Hans Keller     Incline Constable Office  
  Officer Shawn Woodard Las Vegas PD  
  Officer Kyle Owen Las Vegas PD  
  Officer Justin Terry Las Vegas PD  
  Officer Won Cho Las Vegas PD  
  Sgt. Darren Heiner Las Vegas PD  
  Officer Al Gibson Las Vegas PD  
  Officer Kyle Lopez Las Vegas PD  
  Tom Hawley Channel 3 News  
  John Chevallier Resort Sports Network (RSN)  
  New Hampshire Sgt. Jim Soucy Manchester Police Department  
  Mount Washington Officer Paul Rondeau Manchester Police Department  
  Officer Bill Soucy Manchester Police Department  
  Det. Steve Coco Manchester Police Department  
  Captain Dave Reilly Manchester Police Department  
  Det. Dave Dupont Manchester Police Department  
  Det. Tim Chapel Manchester Police Department  
  Det. Rick Brown Manchester Police Department  
  Capt. Gerry Lassard Manchester Police Department  
  Officer Paul Grugan Manchester Police Department  
  PPO Mark O'Donoghue NH Dept of Corrections  
  PPO Dave Bouchard NH Dept of Corrections  
  PPO Gerry Lagasse NH Dept of Corrections  
  Trooper Sean Haggerty NH State Police  
  New Jersey Lt John Benyo  Picatinny NJ Police Dept  
  High Point  
  New Mexico Officer Jerry Hogrefe Red River NM Police Department  
  Wheeler Peak  
  New York Lt. Paul Sandy Cortland NY Police  
  Mount Marcy Chief John P. Colella Macedon Police Department  
  Rachel Colella Wayne County S.O  
  Officer William Powell  Macedon Police Department  
  Stephanie Powell William's wife  
  Sgt. Tom Cooman Macedon Police Department  
  Officer Earl Lergnet IV Macedon Police Department  
  Ken Hubert NYPD  
  North Carolina Sgt. Joe Friday Jr Greenville Police Department  
  Mount Mitchell  
  North Dakota Jeff Azure Bismarck Police Dept.  
  White Butte  
  Ohio Deputy Donn Steer Muskingum County SO  
  Campbell Hill Deputy Nicole Brown Muskingum County SO  
  Patty Steer Donn's wife  
  Colin Steer Son  
  Clay Steer Son  
  Phil Janke Police Survior  
  Bev Janke Police Survior  
  Black Mesa  
  Mount Hood  
  Pennsylvania Officer Jim Kuzak Peters Township Police Dept  
  Mount Davis  
  Rhode Island Capt. Eric C. Rollinson Foster Police Department  
  Jerimoth Hill  
  South Carolina Jim Burriss Greenville County S.O.  
  Sassafras Mt.  
  South Dakota Commander Brian Mueller Pennington CO SO  
  Harney Peak Sgt. Randy Harkins Pennington CO SO  
  Deputy D. Calhoun Pennington CO SO  
  Deputy J. Fagerland Pennington CO SO  
  Deputy Matt Sargent Pennington CO SO  
  Tennessee Deputy Rick Abbott Clinton County IN SO  
  Clingmans Dome Comm. Officer Amanda Abbott Frankfort IN Police Dept  
  Bailea Abbott Rick and Amanda's daughter  
  Stan Pugh Amanda's father  
  Merri Pugh Amanda's mother  
  Texas Sgt. Mike Hoyt Dallas TX Police Department  
  Guadalupe Peak Police Officer Scott Ash Dallas TX Police Department  
  Detective Jeremy Borchardt Dallas TX Police Department  
  Police Officer Joshua Cloutier Dallas TX Police Department  
  Detective Fred MacDonald Dallas TX Police Department  
  Police Officer Brad Riede Dallas TX Police Department  
  Detective Tom Popken Dallas TX Police Department  
  Police Officer Joshua Vogel Dallas TX Police Department  
  Sgt. Ron Martin El Paso TX Police Department   
  Officer Jose Talavera  El Paso TX Police Department   
  Officer Edward Saucedo El Paso TX Police Department   
  Officer Joshua Paulson  El Paso TX Police Department   
  Officer Norman Montion  El Paso TX Police Department   
  Officer Robert Pisarcik  El Paso TX Police Department   
  Officer Jesus Gomez  El Paso TX Police Department   
  Lt. Ray Leible Midland Police Dept  
  Sgt. Brian Rackow Midland Police Dept  
  Sgt. David Scardino Midland Police Dept  
  Ofc. Dave Edwards Midland Police Dept  
  Ofc. Brent Sheets Midland Police Dept  
  Ofc. Margarita Carrasco Midland Police Dept  
  Casey Stone -Fitness Coordinator Midland Police Dept  
  Delila Venegas - TRU Supervisor Midland Police Dept  
  Liz Reagan - TRU  Midland Police Dept  
  Officer Fernie Rincon Texas State Park Police  
  Officer Jacob Barton Texas State Park Police  
  Utah Firefighter Steve Janke US Forest Service (Ashley N.F.)  
  Kings Peak Ing-Marie Janke Steve's wife  
  Jennifer Tanner Police Survivor  
  Vermont Michele Magee Middlebury PD  
  Mount Mansfield  
  Virginia Scott Humphrey Virginia Beach Police Dept  
  Mount Rogers  
  Mount Rainier  
  West Virginia Det. Corporal Jamie Blume Beckley Police Department  
  Spruce Knob  
  Wisconsin Officer Aaron Thornton Sturgeon Bay Police Dept  
  Timms Hill  


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