Cops on Top

Memorial Expeditions Honoring Fallen Law Enforcement Officers
Cops on Top is a team of volunteers from the law enforcement and public service community, who undertake mountain climbing expeditions to honor the memories of those heroes who have lost their lives in the line of duty protecting others. We welcome you to our home.


July 2012 - Posts

  • 2012 Summit for Heroes Team Roster

    Listed is the current 2012 Summit for Heroes team roster. The roster will be updated as more members sign up to participate.

      State Name Department  
      Cheaha Mt.  
      2,407 ft  
      Mt. McKinley  
      20,320 ft  
      Arizona Ofc Livi Kacic Chandler PD  
      Humphreys Peak Sgt Dan Greene Chandler PD  
      12,633 ft Cheryl Greene  
      Det Ivan Kaminsky Chandler PD  
      Garrett Kaminsky  
      Trina Ledesma Chandler PD  
      Amanda Simington Chandler PD  
      Anthony Cluff  
      Ofc Graham Tinius Chandler PD  
      Odessa Tinius  
      Steve Adelstein Attorney General  
      Dee Ann Brower Attorney General  
      Monique Coady Attorney General  
      Tina McMillion Attorney General  
      Jannah Oglesbee Attorney General  
      Chris Schlarman  
      Jim Schwegel Attorney General  
      Sgt. William Rademacher  Avondale PD  
      Bob Hatch  
      Marcus Ligon  
       Rick Sivilli  
      Brigitte Meid  
      Cmdr Dan Pringle- retired Buckeye PD  
      Elaine Quigley Central Az Mtn Rescue  
      Ofc Jeremy Disbrow DPS  
      Jamie Disbrow  
       Robyn Johnson DPS  
      Major Jack Lane DPS  
      Ofc Aaron Joseph Flagstaff PD  
      Ofc Rebecca Kiener Flagstaff PD  
      Officer Andy Bates & family Gilbert PD  
      Ofc Bob Jordan Gilbert PD  
      Luc Jordan  
      cole Jordan  
      Alec Jordan  
      Sgt Joe Kacic Gilbert PD  
      Mary Jo Kuzmick Gilbert PD  
      Sgt Stan Mondragon Gilbert PD  
      Jodi Mondragon  
      Sherry Nielsen Gilbert PD  
      Angela Tarmina  
      Alison Ferrante Gilbert Prosecutor  
      Bobby Rhudy  
      Dep Flowers MCSO  
      Dep Homer DeGuzman MCSO  
      Det. Danny Gonzales MCSO  
      D.O. Domingo Hernandez MCSO  
      Ofc Robert McNamara MCSO  
      Det Ed Philpott MCSO  
      Dep Gregory Sacco MCSO  
      Josephine Sibole MCSO  
      D.O. William Sibole MCSO  
      Benjamin Sibole  
      Matthew Sibole  
      Jonathon Sibole  
      Ofc Ursula Williams MCSO  
      Dep Rich Valentine MCSO  
      Carri Valentine  
      Breanna Valentine  
      Megan Valentine  
      Jerry Tedrow  
      Pat McClain  
      Jon Terpay Mesa PD retired  
      Dan Wong  Mesa PD    
      Tresea Aberra Phoenix PD  
      Det Jan Butcher Phoenix PD  
      Chris Butcher  
      Sgt Lainn Caldwell Phoenix PD  
      Monique Vazquez  
      Sharon Dwyer Phoenix PD  
      Ofc Steve Fluty Phoenix PD  
      Ofc Danny Garza Phoenix PD  
      Det Troy Jacklin Phoenix PD  
      Det Tony Meraz Phoenix PD  
      Stacey Parker Phoenix PD  
      Det Audrey Santisi Phoenix PD  
      Det Kim Wyatt Phoenix PD  
      Steve Wayatt  
      Sgt Pat Ramirez Pinal County SO  
      Stacy Ramirez  
      Deputy Ross Teeple Pinal County SO  
      Corinne Teeple  
      Ofc Jake Lichlyter Prescott Valley Pd  
      Ofc. Jeremy Whisenand Prescott Valley Pd  
      Ofc Zack Fielding Scottsdale PD  
      Erica Beneze  
      Ofc Josh Haines Scottsdale PD  
      Max Lidster  
      Det Greg Jimenez Scottsdale PD  
      Jessica Stewart  
      Ofc Frank O'Halloran Scottsdale PD  
      Kyle O'Halloran  
      Det. Lisa Taylor Scottsdale PD  
      Elaine Foster  
      Debra Carpenter Tempe PD  
      Kody Carpenter  
      Ofc Chris Eastman Tempe PD  
      Diana Huffman Tempe PD  
      Kyle Huffman  
      Sgt Mike Pierce Tempe PD  
      Sgt Kevin Renwick Tempe PD  
      Ann Harwood US Attorney's Office  
      Jim Leininger citizen  
      Kevin Kartchner citizen  
      John Lowy citizen  
      Tom McNamara citizen  
      Bill Ogroski Ar  
      Arkansas Assistant Chief Gary Henry Trumann Police Department  
      Magazine Mt.  
      2,753 ft  
      California Jon Brown Tulare County Sheriff's Department  
      Mt. Whitney Scott Logue Tulare County Sheriff's Department  
      14,494 ft Rob Schimpf Tulare County Sheriff's Department  
      Kevin Kemmerling Tulare County Sheriff's Department  
      Jill Kemmerling Tulare County Sheriff's Department  
      Brian Jones California Highway Patrol, Visalia  
      Colorado Jill Johnson Weld County SO  
      Mt. Elbert Mark Johnson Weld County SO  
      14,433 ft Cary Brown National Park Ranger-retired  
      Ripley Casdorph Zerox  
      Alan Caldwell Weld County SO  
      Zachery Poulsen Weld County SO  
      Dale Woods 20th Judicial District Probation  
      Ryan Richardson Dale's climbing buddy  
      Terry Seagler Houston PD (TX)  
      Christopher Seagler Terry's son  
      Rhett Seagler Terry's son  
      Adam Braun Fort Collins PD  
      Andy Gilmore Greeley PD  
      John Patterson Thornton PD  
      Alicia Harris Lakewood PD  
      Curt Hasling Colorado Springs PD  
      Maresha Hale Colorado Springs PD  
      Joe Langlais Colorado Springs PD  
      Heather Garza Colorado Springs PD spouse  
      Lil Santiago Colorado Springs PD supporter  
      Shane Sheridan Jay Sheridan's brother  
      Jessica Walter Univ of Northern Colo PD  
      Alex Schluppenbaum Jessica's climbing partner  
      Jessica Godres Thornton PD  
      Vicki Harbert Weld County SO  
      Seth Luedke Fort Lupton PD  
      Christie Luedke Fort Lupton PD spouse  
      Jennifer DeMatoff Thornton PD  
      Daniel Wilson Thornton PD  
      Wayne Atkins Thornton PD  
      Meghan Chandler City of Thornton 911 Comm Center  
      Hunter Hackbarth Aurora Fire Department  
      Austin Hackbarth Hunter's son  
      Logan Hackbarth Hunter's son  
      Syenna Hackbarth Hunter's daughter  
      Gina LaFleur Thornton PD Dispatch Center  
      Kristofer Runge  Weld County SO  
      Don Potter Weld County SO  
      Jacob Fischer Weld County SO  
      Brandon Stupka Weld County SO  
      Paige Stupka Weld County SO  
      Chloe Stupka Brandon & Paige's daughter  
      Taylor Stupka Brandon & Paige's daughter  
      Dea Wheeler Attorney-Boulder County  
      Stephen Paul  
      Katherine O'Connor  
      Joseph Cahill Thornton PD  
      Sean Reynolds Telluride Marshall's Department  
      Robert M. Weber Colorado Springs PD  
      Ralph Miller Orange Co. (Orlando) SO-retired  
      Bill Lidh Colorado Springs PD, retired  
      Colorado Ofc. Paul Hermans Peoria AZ Police Department  
      El Diente Ofc. Matt Trujillo Peoria AZ Police Department  
      14,153 ft  
      Connecticut SGT. Glenn Buonanducci South Windsor Police Department  
      Mt. Frissell Lieutenant Richard Watrous South Windsor Police Department  
      2,380 ft Agent Ronald Littell South Windsor Police Department  
      Officer Stephen Bresciano Manchester Police Department  
      Elise Forbes Family of South Windsor Police  
      Officer Carmine Rizzo Suffolk County (NY) Police Dept.  
      Officer Jeffery Palen Suffolk County (NY) Police Dept.  
      Delaware Tim Hubbard  
      Ebright Azimuth  
      448 ft  
      Florida Dave Hariton, Agent/Retired US Treasury IG/Frat.Order of Police  
      Lakewood Park Reid Tucker, Reporter DeFuniak Herald DeFuniak SpringsFL  
      345 ft Donna Hariton, Trng. Spec. Retired/FLETC US Treasury  
      Lt. Artie Rodriguez Walton County, FL SO  
      Sheriff Mike Adkinson Walton County, FL SO  
      Connie Barker  Pres., NW FL C.O.P.S.  
      Richard Barker C.O.P.S. Ft. Walton Beach, FL   
      Eugene Mims FL Dept of Corrections  
      Christina Kight Panama City, FL C.O.P.S.  
      Brandon Kight Panama City, FL C.O.P.S.  
      Charlene Dietz C.O.P.S. Okaloosa County, FL   
      Trooper Randy Johnston FL Highway Patrol/Blue Knights  
      Trooper Billy Watson, Ret. FL Highway Patrol/Blue Knights  
      Bill McRae, Highpointers Paxton, FL  
      Alice McRae Paxton, FL  
      Chaplain Lyle Haney Walton County, FL SO  
      Deputy Don White Walton County, FL SO  
      Deputy Eli Dunbar Walton County, FL SO  
      PAO Wendy Ammons Walton County, FL SO  
      Ed Gallant, Founder Blue Knights Founder  
      Maggie Gallant Blue Knights, FL 26  
      Robert Pratten, Ret. Army Military Police - Blue Knights  
      Pete Bell, Ret. Pensacola, FL PD/Blue Knights  
      Bill Brandenburg, Ret. Escambia County LEO/Blue Knights  
      Carole Brandenburg Blue Knights  
      Reporter Channel 7 News  
      Several others (tourists) Visitors to Britton Hill  
      Georgia Director David Little DOI, OIG  
      Brasstown Bald  
      4,784 ft  
      Mauna Kea  
      13,796 ft  
      Borah Peak  
      12,662 ft  
      Illinois Chuck Porter Cops on Top Member  
      Charles Mound  
      1,235 ft  
      Indiana Jo A Moore, Team Captain Indpls Metro PD  
      Hoosier Hill Jake Carpenter Indpls Fire Dept  
      1,257 ft Carol Bongfeldt Sister of Fallen Officer David Moore  
      Brian Bongfeldt Brother in law Fallen Officer  
      Spencer Moore Retired Indpls Metro PD  
      Father of Fallen Officer  
      Lindsey Terry Indpls Metro PD  
      Tanya Terry Indpls Metro PD  
      Adam Chappell Indpls Metro PD  
      Jason Hayes Indpls Metro PD  
      Ryan Faul Friend of Fallen Officer Moore  
      Hawkeye Point  
      1,670 ft  
      Kansas Andrew Meek Salina FOP Lodge 68  
      Mt. Sunflower  
      4,039 ft  
      Kentucky Officer Phil Feigel Lagrange Police Department  
      Black Mountain  
      4,145 ft  
      Louisiana  Sheriff John Ballance Sheriff of Bienville Parish  
      Driskill Mountain Sherri Ballance wife of Sheriff Ballance  
      535 ft Chief Deputy Randy Price Bienville Parish SO Chief Deputy  
      Lt. Michael L. Jones Bienville Parish SO  
      Ellen Jones wife of Lt. Jones  
      Kim Stuckey wife of Sgt. Paul Stuckey - LDWF  
      Mathew Stuckey son of Sgt. Paul Stuckey  
      Nathan Stuckey son of Sgt. Paul Stuckey  
      Brayden Stuckey son of Sgt. Paul Stuckey  
      Billy McCalister father-in-law of Sgt. Paul Stuckey  
      Phyllis McCalister mother-in-law of Sgt. Paul Stuckey  
      Amanda Cole sister-in-law of Sgt. Paul Stuckey  
      Alek Cole nephew of Sgt. Paul Stuckey  
      Paula M. "Miki" George wife of Off. Russell George - Ball PD    
      Mark Saucier friend of Miki George  
      Sgt. James Stewart Bienville Parish SO  
      Sandy Stewart wife of Sgt. Stewart  
      Savannah Carter niece of Sgt. Stewart  
      Landen Carter nephew of Sgt. Stewart  
      Sgt. Jess Ketchum Bienville Parish SO  
      Melinda Ketchum wife of Sgt. Ketchum  
      Zane Ketchum son of Sgt. Ketchum  
      Sgt. Tony Toms Bienville Parish SO  
      Jerri Toms wife of Sgt. Toms  
      Jessi Rogers daughter of Sgt. Toms  
      Sgt. Anthony Hay Bienville Parish SO  
      Mandy Hay wife of Sgt. Hay  
      Eli Hay son of Sgt. Hay  
      Tanya Griffith friend of Eli Hay  
      Sgt. Gary Hill Bienville Parish SO  
      Trevor Hill son of Sgt. Hill  
      Sgt. Micah Crawford Bienville Parish SO  
      Kristie Crawford wife of Lt. Crawford  
      Kenzie Crawford daughter of Lt. Crawford  
      Lainey Crawford daughter of Lt. Crawford  
      Dy. Mike Rowlan Bienville Parish SO  
      Sandy Kaiser friend of Dy. Rowlan   
      Sgt. Danny Driskill Bienville Parish SO  
      Cpl. Scott Thrasher Bienville Parish SO  
      Sgt. Rusty Poland Bienville Parish SO  
      Carli Kostan granddaughter of Sgt. Poland  
      Kurtis Kostan Carli's husband  
      Dy. Michael Rhodes Bienville Parish SO  
      Neomia Rhodes sister of Dy. Rhodes  
      Dy. Carl Pruitt Bienville Parish SO  
      Dy. Rusty Kaiser Bienville Parish SO  
      Kathy Tuck wife of Dy. Kaiser  
      Dy. Derrel Franks Bienville Parish SO  
      Sandy Franks wife of Dy. Franks  
      Sgt. Michael Chapman Ouachita Parish SO  
      Ann Chapman wife of Sgt. Chapman  
      Dy. Allen Chapman Ouachita Parish SO  
      Kayla Underwood friend of Dy. Chapman  
      Cpl. Shawn Oglesby Ouachita Parish SO  
      Dy. Andrew Norman East Baton Rouge Parish SO  
      Alex Norman son of Dy. Norman  
      Tyler Norman son of Dy. Norman  
      Dy. Randy Head East Baton Rouge Parish SO  
      Sgt. Duren Boyce Baton Rouge PD  
      Judi Boyce wife of Sgt. Boyce  
      Brandi Boyce daughter of Sgt. Boyce  
      Aaron Boyce son of Sgt. Boyce  
      Sgt. Glenn Phipps Baton Rouge PD  
      Candice Phipps wife of Sgt. Phipps  
      Emmalee Phipps daughter of Sgt. Phipps  
      Hayden Phipps son of Sgt. Phipps  
      Sgt. Ryan Brasher LA Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries  
      Sgt. Patrick Staggs LA Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries  
      Sgt. Charles Dison LA Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries  
      Sr. Agent John Blalock LA Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries  
      Sr. Agent Jay Thomas LA Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries  
      Maine Josh Wiseman Cops on Top member  
      Mt. Katahdin Anne Wiseman  
      5,268 ft Matthew Woods  
      Laura Hubbell  
      Lindsay Fox  
      Brian Little  
      Louis Skenderis  
      Vincent Tiernan  
      Maryland Mike Amrhein Baltimore County Police  
      Backbone Mountain  
      3,360 ft  
      Massachusetts Linda McDonough Survivor  
      Mount Greylock  
      3,491 ft  
      Michigan Deputy Martin Mendell Allegan County Sheriffs Office  
      Mount Arvon Connor Mendell  
      1,979 ft  
      Minnesota Officer Eric Carlson Edina Police Department  
      Eagle Mountain  
      2,301 ft  
      Mississippi Randy Stringer Iuka PD  
      Woodall Mountain Jamie Stuart Iuka PD  
      806 ft Randy Trim Burnsville PD  
      Mark Nichols Tishomingo County Sheriff  
      James Page Tishomingo County Sheriff  
      Bubba Carpenter MS State House of Representatives  
      Niesha Carpenter Cops on Top supporter  
      Noah Carpenter Cops on Top supporter  
      Scotty Bradley Tishomingo PD  
      Mike Kemp Tishomingo PD & Sheriff's Department  
      Tom Owen Cops on Top supporter  
      Mary Owen Cops on Top supporter  
      Chris Wagner Cops on Top supporter  
      Jack Wagner Cops on Top supporter  
      Andy Wagner Cops on Top supporter  
      Missouri Sgt. Scott Barthelmass Overland Police Department  
      Taum Sauk Mt Cpl. Todd Barthelmass Missouri State Highway Patrol  
      1,772 ft Sgt. Garrett Schott Perryville Police Department  
      Major Jason Schott St. Genevieve Sheriffs Office  
      PO Matthew Simpson St. Louis Metropolitan Police Dept.  
      PO Steven Ortbals St. Louis Metropolitan Police Dept.  
      PO Matthew Greco St. Louis Metropolitan Police Dept.  
      PO Brian Hosie St. Louis Metropolitan Police Dept.  
      PO Katheryn Wiedemann St. Louis Metropolitan Police Dept.  
      PO Jay Joffray St. Louis Metropolitan Police Dept.  
      Patty Friend  National Office COPS  
      Sr. Patrolman Kevin Friend Osage Beach Police Department  
      PO Kevin Swofford Bowling Green Police Department  
      PO Mark Braden Bowling Green Police Department  
      PO Bob Graeff Creve Coeur Police Department  
      Trooper Paul Long Missouri State Highway Patrol  
      Dr. Doug Young Law Enforcement Supporter  
      Dep. Marshal Patrick James US Marshal's Office  
      Dep. Marshal Leroy Messmer US Marshal's Office  
      Deputy Joel Cook Andrew County Sheriffs Department  
      Jillian Cook Law Enforcement Supporter  
      Sheriff Gary Stolzer St. Genevieve Sheriffs Office  
      Lt. Mike O'Day Osage Beach Police Department  
      Angie O'Day Law Enforcement Supporter  
      Tina Azzam Surviving Family Member  
      Mary Miller Surviving Family Member  
      Adrienne Miller Surviving Family Member  
      Michael Oakes Department of Defense  
      Erin Oakes Law Enforcement Spouse  
      Satoko Nevins National Office COPS  
      Montana Tim Robinson Cops on Top supporter  
      Granite Peak  
      12,799 ft  
      Nebraska Chief Mark Simpson Kimball Police Department  
      Panorama Point Molly Simpson Wife of Chief Simpson  
      5,424 ft Sgt. Jesse Godden Kimball Police Department  
      Jessica Laughlin Kimball Police Department  
      Nevada Det. Justin Terry Las Vegas Metro Police Dept.  
      Mount Charleston Joshua Terry brother of Det. Terry  
      11,918 ft Ofc. Al Gibson Las Vegas Metro Police Dept.  
      Ofc. Paul Wojcik Las Vegas Metro Police Dept.  
      Brett Wojcik son of Ofc. Wojcik  
      Ofc. Kyle Lopez Las Vegas Metro Police Dept.  
      Dep. Jerry Fairweather US Marshals Service  
      Dep. Brian Montana US Marshals Service  
      Det. Gabriella Hatfield-Cook Las Vegas Metro Police Dept.  
      Louie Begay Las Vegas Metro Police Dept.  
      New Hampshire James Soucy Manchester Police Department  
      Mt Washington Heather Soucy Spouse  
      6,288 ft Teagan Soucy Daughter  
      Sierra Soucy Daughter  
      Isaiah Soucy Son  
      Bill Soucy Manchester Police Department  
      Tom Gonzales Manchester Police Department  
      Thomas Popken Dallas, Texas Police Department  
      Anne Gould  Rochester, NH Police Department  
      Nate Noyes NH State Police  
      Chris Aucoin NH State Police  
      Casey Seigle Manchester Police Department  
      Rob Megowen Manchester Police Department  
      Brandon Murphy Manchester Police Department  
      Vicky Catano Manchester Police Department  
      Austin Goodman Manchester Police Department  
      Brian Caldwell Manchester Police Department  
      Paul Rondeau Manchester Police Department  
      Joe Ryan Manchester Police Department  
      Jared Yaris Manchester Police Department  
      Dan Doherty  Manchester Police Department  
      Andy Delorey Manchester Police Department  
      Mark O'Donoghue NH Probation/Parole  
      Gerard Legasse NH Probation/Parole  
      Davis Bouchard NH Probation/Parole  
      Timothy High NH Probation/Parole  
      New Jersey Lt John Benyo Picatinny Arsenal Police Department  
      High Point  
      1,803 ft  
      New Mexico Amanda Stamps Mesa AZ Police Department  
      Wheeler Peak  
      13,161 ft  
      New York Ken Hubert NYPD  
      Mt Marcy Dan Rowe NY State Courts  
      5,344 ft Edward Helling NY State University Police  
      Julie Shulsky Syracuse N.Y. police  
      James Shulsky Syracuse N.Y. police  
      Rowe Dans son  
      North Carolina Casey Kinard Morganton Public Safety/NC FOP #23  
      Mount Mitchell Nicole Kinard Casey's Wife  
      6,684 ft Jeanne Wilson Casey's Mother  
      Doug Wilson Casey's Step-Father  
      Chris Wilson Casey's Brother  
      Quinlan Wilson Casey's Nephew  
      Corey Loftis Marion PD  
      Jack Wood Marion PD  
      Patti Wood Jack's Wife  
      Carroll Kirkpatrick NC Highway Patrol  
      Randy Seay Marion PD  
      Johnny Overby Blue Knights XXIV/NC FOP#83  
      Julie Overby Johnny's Wife  
      Robert Overby  
      Jason Stoots NC Probation Parole  
      Donna Simcox McDowell Co Sheriffs' Office-Ret  
      Raymond Simcox McDowell Co Sheriffs' Office-Ret  
      Brian McDaniel Marion PD  
      Christian Wyatt Marion PD  
      Rex Powell Broughton Police Dept  
      Barbara Powell Rex's Wife  
      Thomas Forrest Greenville PD  
      Blake Forrest Thomas's Son  
      Mike Staffelbach Greenville PD  
      Michael Staffelbach Mike's Son  
      Mike Broadwell Greenville PD  
      Haliey Broadwell Mike's Daughter  
      North Dakota Deputy Johnny Lawson Bowman County S.O.  
      White Butte  
      3,506 ft  
      Ohio Bev Janke Police Survivor  
      Campbell Hill Phil Janke Police Survivor  
      1,550 ft Wes Elson Retired, Muskingum County S.O.  
      Jack Elson Wes's Grandson   
      Deputy Ryan Brown Logan County Sheriff's Office  
      Deputy Todd Dixon Logan County Sheriff's Office  
      Deputy Paul Finfrock Logan County Sheriff's Office  
      Deputy John Godwin Logan County Sheriff's Office  
      Deputy Kris Koehler Logan County Sheriff's Office  
      Deputy Matt Robinson Logan County Sheriff's Office  
      Black Mesa  
      4,973 ft  
      Mount Hood  
      11,239 ft  
      Pennsylvania Sheriff James W. Muller Adams County Sheriffs Office  
      Mount Davis  
      3,213 ft  
      Rhode Island Officer Jacque Wuest Newport Police Department  
      Jerimoth Hill  
      812 ft  
      South Carolina Lt Jim Burris Greenville County Sheriffs Office  
      Sassafras Mountain  
      3,560 ft  
      South Dakota Josh Twedt South Dakota DCI  
      Harney Peak Deputy Erik Wallitner Washoe County S.O.  
      7,242 ft  
      Tennessee Sgt. Tim Collins Pres. FLEOA Chapter 53  
      Clingmans Dome James Heidbrink Vice President FLEOA Chapter 53  
      6,643 ft Brad Griest National Park Service  
      Alan Fleming  
      Karen Fleming  
      Bobby Fleming National Park Service  
      Karen Morffit  
      Texas Sgt Mike Hoyt Dallas PD  
      Guadalupe Peak Sgt Brett Adams Dallas PD  
      8,749 ft PO Mark Blalock Dallas PD  
      SC Johnathon Blanchard Dallas PD  
      Abbey Bland  
      SC Boux Bland Dallas PD  
      Hunter Bland  
      PO Amanda Bodwell Dallas PD  
      SC Justin Bowen Dallas PD  
      PO Alli Bradshaw Dallas PD  
      PO Mary Kate Carney Dallas PD  
      Sgt Daniel Carolla Dallas PD  
      PO Josua Cloutier Dallas PD  
      PO Josua Crenshaw Dallas PD  
      PO Samantha Crenshaw Dallas PD  
      SC Johnathon Crump Dallas PD  
      Det Mike Dana Dallas PD  
      SC Nathan Delahoussaye Dallas PD  
      PO Andrea Duff Dallas PD  
      PO Mike Fontenot Dallas PD  
      Dana Foor  
      PO Doug Foor Dallas PD  
      Gary Grable  Dallas PD(ret)  
      Marilyn Grable  
      SC Daniel Greene Dallas PD  
      Sgt  Stephen Gross Dallas PD  
      SC Angela Herring Dallas PD  
      Lisa Hoyer  
      Sgt Stephen Hoyer Dallas PD  
      SC Kenton Hubner Dallas PD  
      SC Miguel Jamacia Dallas PD  
      PO Colton Johnson Dallas PD  
      SC David Kattner Dallas PD  
      SC Jeff Loeb Dallas PD  
      Det Kimberly Mayfield Dallas PD  
      Rita Masson  
      SC Chauncey McBride Dallas PD  
      Tracy McGee  
      SC Joshua Merkel Dallas PD  
      SC Gerald Melgoza Dallas PD  
      Det Saul Monsisvais Dallas PD  
      Angela Morales  
      SC Shelby Nowak Dallas PD  
      SC Kevin Perkins Dallas PD  
      Andrew Pollard  
      Det Stanley Reece Dallas PD  
      SC Billy Rios Dallas PD  
      PO Jason Russell Dallas PD  
      SC Kurt Schmidt Dallas PD  
      Kristi Schoblocher  
      PO Danny Stasik Dallas PD  
      John Stitt Dallas PD  
      PO Joel Teft Dallas PD  
      SC Tasha Tell Dallas PD  
      SC Adam Thayer Dallas PD  
      PO Christopher Todd Dallas PD  
      Chance Turner  
      SC Randy Turner Dallas PD  
      Nancy Turner  
      SC Johnsey Vann Dallas PD  
      Sgt Zac Pruett Austin PD  
      Luis Ayala  
      Sgt Darryl Baker Houston PD  
      Lt Ellen Bedingfield Houston PD  
      Kevin Bertels  
      Bob Bertels  
      PO Chuck Bertels Houston PD  
      PO Jared Cardona Houston PD  
      Sgt Reid Cashdollar Houston PD  
      PO Jeff Dunn Houston PD  
      PO Sandra Gleason Houston PD  
      PO Douglas Griffith Houston PD  
      Susan Griffith  
      Sasha Heinle  
      Susan Heinle  
      Olga Heinle  
      PO Alan Heinle Houston PD  
      PO Larry Jaskolka Houston PD  
      Lt J Houston PD  
      PO Nancy Jones Houston PD  
      PO Michael Lareau Houston PD  
      Krystal Lareau  
      Dakota Lopez  
      Sgt Bridget Lummus Houston PD  
      Chris Martinez  
      PO Marty Martinez Houston PD  
      Brittney Muskiet  
      PO Matt Muskiet Houston PD  
      PO Gale Muskiet Houston PD  
      PO Eric Newman Houston PD  
      Robert Palmer  
      Ryne Pearson  
      PO Lauren Pudifin Houston PD  
      PO Garrett Pulatie Houston PD  
      PO Juan Reyes Houston PD  
      Sgt Lynn Robideau Houston PD  
      PO Sandi Running Houston PD  
      PO Laura Sherwood Houston PD  
      PO Zulema Tamez Houston PD  
      Travis Taylor  
      Sgt Marsha Todd Houston PD  
      PO Amber Shultz Houston PD  
      PO Jeffrey Werner Houston PD  
      PO Linda Ybanez Houston PD  
      PO Mike Ybanez Houston PD  
      Michael Ybanez   
      Sgt Susanne Davila El Paso PD  
      PO Allen Edington El Paso PD  
      Det Mario Flores El Paso PD  
      Det Rogelio Flores El Paso PD  
      Edgar Olivas  
      PO Andres Rodriguez El Paso PD  
      PO David Camacho El Paso PD ComSAR Team  
      PO Jesus Gomez El Paso PD ComSAR Team  
      PO Robert Looney El Paso PD ComSAR Team  
      PO Robert Pisarcik Jr El Paso PD ComSAR Team  
      PO Jose Talavera El Paso PD ComSAR Team  
      Sgt Robert Zavala El Paso PD ComSAR Team  
      PO James Arbogast UT El Paso PD  
      PO Bion Bell UT El Paso PD  
      Lt Michael Hanna UT El Paso PD  
      PSO Susie Hernandez UT El Paso PD  
      Lt Micki Lintz UT El Paso PD  
      PSO Emmery McCleary UT El Paso PD  
      PO Belinda Moran UT El Paso PD  
      Naipo Robertson UT El Paso PD  
      PSO Elizabeth Villarreal UT El Paso PD  
      Noelle Bacon Cops on TopSupporter  
      Chief Troy Bacon Frankfort IN Police Dept  
      Cpl Brenda Hassell Lubbock County Sheriff's Office  
      Cpl Trena Reeves Lubbock County Sheriff's Office  
      PO Melanie Taylor Lubbock County Probation Office  
      PO Stephen Howell Plano PD  
      PO Nicholas Stewart Nacgodoches PD  
      Trpr Bobby Gideon TX DPS  
      Trpr Veronica Gideon TX DPS  
      Sgt Eric Lopex TX DPS  
      Trpr John Skirmont TX DPS  
      Trpr Michael Urias TX DPS  
      PO Jacob Barton TX State Park Police  
      PO Fernie Rincon TX State Park Police  
      Insp Charles Patnode UT system  
      Lt Birdett UT Austin PD  
      Capt Don Verett UT Austin PD  
      Lt Tim Dorsey UT Dallas PD  
      PO Stacey Rotunno UT Dallas PD  
      PO Oscar Sanchez UT Dallas PD  
      Lt Stephanie Padula UT San Antonio PD  
      FF/EMT Jason Wolf West Point Indiana FD  
      Paul Gersten Police Survivor  
      Tondira Sanders Police Survivor  
      Utah S.A. Lynn Gannon US Dept. of Interior (MN)  
      Kings Peak Capt.  Keith McPheters  Farmington (NM) PD  
      13,528 ft S. A. Christopher Cooper US Dept. of Education (DC)  
      Lt. W. Scott Humphrey VA Beach (VA)  PD  
      Ronnie Berg Cops on Top Supporter (CA)  
      Mount Mansfield  
      4,393 ft  
      Virginia Byron L. Schiesz II U.S. Marshals W/VA-Abingdon  
      Mount Rogers Jim Satterwhite U.S. Marshals W/VA-Abingdon  
      5,729 ft Corey Duke BATFE  
      Tom Snapp FBI  
      Gail Snapp Spouse  
      Zach Lee U.S. Attorney's Office  
      Mary Mooney Supporter  
      Josh Mooney Supporter  
      Molly Mooney Supporter  
      Tyson Mooney Supporter  
      Todd Brewer plus 2 DEA  
      Steve Levesque plus 1 BATFE  
      Washington Detective Shardell Ellis  
      Mount Rainier Dep. Levi Hendricks Thurston County Sheriff  
      14,411 ft Anthony Longo  
      Cpl. Tom Clayton Ellensburg PD  
      Ofc. Nick Burson Cle Elum PD  
      Ofc. Mark McPherson Central Washington University PD  
      Eric McPherson US ARMY  
      Firefighter Steve Janke Cops on Top Member  
      Pete Boyce Cops on Top Supporter  
      West Virginia Thomas Fought Cops on Top Supporter  
      Spruce Knob  
      4,863 ft  
      Wisconsin Amy Mehling WI State FOP  
      Timms Hill  
      1,951 ft  
      Gannett Peak  
      13,804 ft  
      Guam CDR Phillip Cyr US Navy, NAVFAC  
      Mount Lamlam  
      1,332 ft  

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